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Nothing is left to chance when using the Mango Software


International Marine Contractors Association (IMCA) made a strategic decision to implement a Quality Management System (QMS) and have it certified through an independent UKAS Certification Body. FQM assisted them in building the new QMS, with the help of the Mango Software. 

“The key advantage with using the Mango software system is that nothing is left to chance, the system self manages and once something is in the system, it is safe, measurable and creates accountability”

- Mark Ford, Technical Director, IMCA.

IMCA’s mission is to improve performance in the marine contracting industry. They achieve this by leveraging the expertise of members through conferences, seminars and meetings. They also publishing leading standards of technical and operating guidance in key areas of safety, quality, and offshore performance.


In addition, IMCA represents its members in dialogue with other industry bodies, regulators, oil companies and renewable energy companies. IMCA holds consultative status at the International Maritime Organization (IMO) and is very active in international regulatory and policy matters within the upstream industry.

Having spoken with their Technical Team it was clear that IMCA was looking to demonstrate not only its commitment to its members, but to promote its commitment to continual improvement through the adoption of a Quality Management System (QMS) that would not only be externally certified against the International Standard ISO 9001:2015, but also serve as a foundation to assist in driving the business forward and providing organisational knowledge.

A short visit to London resulted in IMCA deciding to design and implement a system with our Mango QHSE Cloud Software solution, something we see more and more clients adopting, as it brings everything in to one place and can often save significant time and effort on the administrative side of a more traditional (non-software) based QMS.


Mapping out all the processes IMCA undertakes in everyday business:

The company fully supported the mapping process from the Chief Executive down to every employee. Using the ISO 9001:2015 framework, we were able to provide IMCA staff with the right amount of support to ensure the processes were mapped, reviewed, updated, approved and adopted throughout the business. This outlined exactly how the company operates and provided them with a clear documented control system through the Mango software.

Staff Engagement:

For many of the senior staff working in IMCA, this process was known to them, as many had come from large Oil & Gas or Marine companies which in most cases would have such systems in place. However, this approach was new to some in the company and therefore IMCA and FQM set about undertaking a number of Quality Management awareness sessions. These sessions engaged the workforce in the benefits of a Quality Management System, how it would work and importantly what their involvement would entail.


Mango was implemented in IMCA in October 2018, after they achieved certification within 4 months from the beginning of the project. The certification assessment was achieved with Zero non-conformances, a fantastic achievement all round.

The certification assessment auditor even commented on how simple the audit process had been with the use of the Mango Software. This was enhanced further by the fact that the stage 1 assessment was done remotely, giving access to the software to the British Assessment Bureau Auditor, without the need for him to come to the IMCA office.

When visiting their office in London recently, IMCA said that it "was great to see the system being fully utilised, demonstrating improvements through Internal Audits, learning and communicating well within the Mango tool."

Mango Demonstration
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