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How Busy Are You?

From the Press and Journal on the 27 July 2011...

North east companies are under increasing pressure to improve their health and safety record, not least to ensure disasters like Deepwater Horizon never happen again.

However, in these challenging economic times, many businesses struggling to meet their responsibilities are discovering that a cost effective way is to outsource all or part of their HSEQ function.

Leading Aberdeen consultancy FQM Limited, previously known as Facilitators Quality Management, is rapidly gaining a reputation in the oil and gas sector as a centre of excellence, which specialises in delivering practical and cost effective solutions.

The highly experienced FQM team deliver Health and Safety (H&S) interventions to meet individual client's requirements through the provision of appropriate resources ensuring careful project management.

The company's currently helping several major oil & gas players streamline their approach to H&S with processes and procedures that directly relate to their business whilst complying with international standards. This includes the H&S aspects of contracting and supply chain, without which, many companies will just not be considered at the Invitation To Tender (ITT) stage.

FQM Managing Director Allan Dick warns its crucial companies regard their H&S responsibilities as a core value not a cost to their business.

"Many firms still dismiss H&S compliance as a costly nuisance, instead of a demonstration as to how they do business."

"Our approach at FQM is to demonstrate performance assurance by reducing business risk through linking robust processes with people to give integrity."

"Improving the UK’s workplace safety record is the responsibility of all of us, and should be at the heart of every organisation committed to an incident-free workplace, everywhere, everyday."

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