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Many organisations utilise paper based and spreadsheet controls to manage their assets, and in particular this can be a very time demanding process when it comes to remembering when this should be done on your assets.


Through the Mango Software Plant & Equipment module we provide you with the capability to upload all your assets and identify all the necessary controls associated to that asset that must be managed, including service requirements, calibrations, certification assessments and so much more.


Not mention the capability to assign the assets to owners and link to the appropriate user manuals, operating instructions, risk assessments and more.

Have more people reporting issues when they happen with less reliance on paperwork








"The Directors and Senior Management team would like to take this opportunity to thank FQM for introducing the Mango system, plus the support and patience throughout the integration phase"

Dale Callander, Director - Ferrier Pumps Limited


Report and Management all Maintenance of your Plant and Equipment online and maintain control.


Don't send out uncalibrated or uncertified equipment again, how much time can be lost from such events. Mango helps you avoid the problems associated with inadequate plant & equipment management – ensuring the right person is notified to take the necessary steps.


Its Plant & Equipment module easily controls your scheduled maintenance, inspection, calibration activities and automatically sends out reminder emails and alerts when due.

Need to keep all records in one place, easy with Mango Compliance Software, access all records against each asset with the click of a key.

Mango is also proactive – sending out automatic emails to those individuals responsible for the maintenance and, if necessary, following up and escalating the task if it isn’t completed.

Mango you can:

  • Easily observe due or overdue maintenance

  • Assign the maintenance to determine the appropriate corrective actions 

  • Report maintenance online - meaning you can do it from anywhere, at any time

  • Set up any type of maintenance

  • Automatically send escalation alerts if the maintenance is not completed within the defined timeframe

  • Be assured that the system is maintained and controlled at all times

  • Easily set up an asset maintenance register

  • Report and record unplanned maintenance through a seamless workflow

  • Remove Paperwork when reporting maintenance 

  • Improve the visibility of the unplanned maintenance

  • Get more people reporting issues with assets

  • Record and report costs associated to maintenance

Don't forget, having your assets available and working when you need them brings more value to your business. Poor asset utilisation is a significant cost to businesses bottom line.

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