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Compliance systems require that you have readily available information on approved suppliers and contractors.

Conducting periodic reviews of suppliers and contractors is essential to ensure your organisation meets your compliance requirements and reduce the risk to your business.

A reliance on out-dated, paper-based systems means that many organisations forget to approve, review or maintain this information. Systems that fail to address the importance of supplier management negatively impact on productivity with work being forgotten, duplicated or even lost.

Ensure your contractors and suppliers don't let you down. Supplier and contractor management made easy..








"I love how the system has all your compliance requirements for contractors and suppliers in one place. Seeing how you have evaluated them initially and the ongoing monitoring of performance at the click of a button is fantastic"

External Certification Auditor - British Assessment Bureau


Know the status and performance of your suppliers and contractors at the click of a key


Mango’s Supplier Management module is designed to provide user-configurable control over suppliers and contractors.

Mango keeps approved suppliers and contractors in a central list and allows online uploading of relevant information from your suppliers and contractors directly in to your Mango Supplier Module. It’s an easy and simple way to control approved lists of suppliers and contractors, plus keep on top of all your actions.

Take the next step to complete control over supplier management - and enjoy the benefits of intelligent system compliance at your finger tips.

Advanced system integration enables cross-linking of information between the Supplier Module and many of the other modules in Mango.

With Mango you can:

  • Assess new potential suppliers and contractors online

  • Rate suppliers and contractors

  • Prescribe your own rating categories

  • Receive email reminders for review periods and updates for certificates etc

  • Approve and monitor external trainers

  • Provide employees with approved suppliers and contractor details

  • Control a single database of supplier and contractor information

  • Automate notification of requirements directly to suppliers and contractors

  • Track incidents with contractors and drive improvement actions on your suppliers and contractors directly from inside Mango

  • Custom reports and charts on suppliers and contractors, giving you the status and performance in real time

  • Save time and effort on your management of suppliers and contractors

Use the smartphone App to inspect supplier products, assess contractor safety on site and have everything synchronised to your system for ease of reporting. 

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