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Many organisations suffer from an unnecessarily volume of accidents and incidents because they fail to identify the root causes and establish preventative actions.

The financial impact of this can’t be overstated with even minor incidents causing operational disruptions and having a very real direct cost.

Proactive Incident Management Means less time lost and More Money in the Bank








"The big advantage with the new Mango system is that nothing is left to chance"

Roy James, Operations Director - Amosbeech


With Mango you can:

  • Manage your accidents and incidents in real-time, including from the App

  • Easily maintain an accidents register - and therefore meet your legislative requirements

  • Identify trends and root causes - and therefore drive down future incident rates

  • Monitor the status of investigations, corrective actions and preventive actions

  • Attach photos and supporting files at any time during the investigation

  • Tailor the module to fit your organisation’s system

  • Save time and money getting information from remote sites and employees

  • Assign multiple investigators to an accident/incident and automatically notify them via email

  • Utilise a comprehensive report writer that allows reporting on any area of the database

  • Utilise a comprehensive chart creator for your own customised charts



But that's not all:

  • Report near misses and safety observations directly from the palm of your hand

  • Link your incidents directly with people, assets and more

  • Reference weak risk assessments to your incidents

  • Put in place improvement actions linked directly to the reported case

  • Use the statistics from Mango graphs and reports to drive a real change

  • Always be in control and have the information at hand when you need it

  • Everything in one place, all the time.

How much time does your compliance team give to the administration side of managing incidents and can you be 100% confident you can place your hands on all records when required. Could this cost you money if not?

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