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Information Security Management System (ISMS) standards, also often referred to as Cyber Security Management Systems, establish a framework for how a business manages its key processes related to Information Security.


What do we mean by Information Security - This is the practice of protecting any form of Information used in your business to prevent access, use, disclosure, disruption, modification, inspection, recording etc where this has not been authorised to do so. 


What do we mean by Information Security Management System - This is the practices and process undertaken by an organisation that formalises how they ensure the protection of Information and record evidence of how they comply to International standards such as ISO 27001 or Cyber Security requirements.

Threats to information security come in many different forms. Today, the most common threats are software attacks; theft of intellectual property; identity theft and theft of equipment.


Implementing a ISMS can help your business to:

  • Protect digital, paper-based, intellectual property, company secrets, data on devices and in the Cloud, hard copies and personal information

  • Achieve greater consistency in the activities involved in providing products or services

  • Reduce expensive mistakes, prevent fines and loss of reputation

  • Increase efficiency by improving use of time and resources

  • Provide a framework for managing Information Security all in one place.

  • Market your business more effectively

  • Increase resilience to cyber attacks

  • Exploit new market sectors and territories

  • Manage growth more effectively by making it easier to integrate new employees

  • Constantly improve your products, processes and systems

  • Set a consistent message across an organisation with policies, procedures, technical and physical controls to protect the confidentiality, availability and integrity of information

  • Provide a return on investment.

By Integrating your Information Security Management System to existing Management Systems, you can save considerable time and cost. Many of the requirements of ISO 27001 are already captured within ISO 9001, 14001 or 45001 standards and therefore implementing the ISMS with your existing systems will bring about huge advantages while ensuring that you obtain and maintain certification.

Achieving ISO 27001 certification could lead to new business. Not only can it help distinguish you from competitors, but many large businesses and public sector organisations require suppliers to be ISO 27001 certified. This requirements is only going to increase as threats to our data from internal and external sources increase and we rely on data more now than ever before.

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