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Risk management systems need to be more than a passive list sitting in a manual or document suite. Most organisations struggle to make the risk management process visible to employees and to ensure an easy method for identifying, recording and controlling risk.


Having the ability in Mango to link incidents to risks allows you to bring attention to your risk control measures that may need attention, thus driving pro-active risk control measures.

Manage Your Risks, Improve Your Bottom Line








"It was very noticeable  the benefits of having Mango as an integral part of our new IMS system, identifying hazards and manging risks through the online system and App"

Kevin Campbell, Contracts Manager - Ferrier Pumps Limited


All risks can be controlled in Mango - Task, Environmental, H&S, Quality, Security, Business, Chemical, Food Safety, Cyber Security and so much more.


It’s also vital that regular checking of identified risk controls is not forgotten or incomplete, thus setting regular reviews, inspections and audits allows you to demonstrate the controls are not static, but driving a dynamic review.


Mango’s Risk Management module provides an easy online method for employees to report any risk. No hard copies are required as this module allows your employees to report and record risks directly into Mango’s paperless process. Once identified the risks are then listed in Risk Registers which are easily viewable by all staff.


Using the Risk Module linked to other modules, provides an ability for all staff to access the relevant risks and importantly record electronically that they have reviewed and confirmed the control measures are in place, or identify anything new.

With Mango you can:

  • Easily control risks

  • Integrate the recording and assessment of risks

  • Use client defined rating system

  • Eliminate double handling of information

  • Integrate any external information or internal documents (Safety Data Sheets,  regulations, websites, work methods and processes, etc.) relating to a risk on the register

  • Set review periods for risk registers including set up of automatic reminder emails when review is required

  • Central control of information makes it easy to display and update risks

  • Have information available to all employees online, from anywhere, anytime

Don't forget, through the smartphone App you can report new hazards on the go, allowing your site team to quickly report concerns and identify new mitigating factors required, or get support from your compliance team.

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