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Most organisations suffer from the same issues when it comes to documentation and information control.


Maintaining document control and ensuring employees are using the correct (current) versions can be a painstaking task and an unnecessary cost of compliance.


What organisations need is a robust document management system that's easy to use, manages changes and ensures people are informed when changes are made.


Document Management Software for all your Compliance needs








"Our procedures, documents and records are all in one place. Staff and auditors find it easy to use"
Craig Lucas, Director - Spantech"


Ensure your employees are notified when documents are released and capture when they have verified they have read and understood them.


Mango's Documents module addresses the big issues associated with document management and control.

With Mango, you have everything in one place - and no hard copies to update. Once authorised, controlled documents are easily changed and made instantly available to everyone who needs access across your organisation, once they have been approved.

This is particularly important when you have multiple sites and need to ensure that everyone is working from the same set of policies, processes and procedures.

So whether you have one office - or a hundred - you'll be able to give authorised individuals instant access to critical documents and therefore eliminate any confusion or time-wasting.

Further, when you add documents, images, flowcharts or files, Mango cross-links documents and automates future updates for you. When you make changes Mango simultaneously updates the entire system so there are no more dropped links or any need to check and re-link.

Document sign-off is also configurable to align with your specific workflow and approvals requirements.

Document Management Made East, with Mango you can:

  • Maintain one controlled copy of each document, meaning there are no hard copies to continually update

  • Easily change documentation

  • Easily perform updates and instantly make the new document available to all users

  • Access all documentation from any computer connected to the Internet

  • Notify all employees of changes

  • Embed links to documentation, upload files and links to websites

  • Easily incorporate current company documentation

Don't forget, with Mango document module, you can also control who has access to what, ensuring your employees have the correct documents at the click of a key.

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