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Some organisations spend more time dealing with the paperwork that's associated with reporting an environmental incident, than they do coming up with solutions.


The impact of this can be that no real mitigating actions are ever put in place, meaning the same issues may continue to arise.


By giving your organisation the tools necessary to not only report  environmental  incidents, but to also manage and investigate them you will be able to greatly simplify your processes. Not to mention you'll have the ability to create reports and charts to better help you identify areas of concern and deliver a more proactive response as opposed to reactive.


Reporting & Management of Environmental Incidents Made Simple








"Events (Reminders) module helps ensure nothing ever gets missed"
Chris Watt, Quality and Health and Safety Manager - Hally Labels


Environmental Incident Management Software for Everyone


Mango’s Environmental Incident Module allows your organisation to spend less time fire fighting and more time on improvement.

Directly link your corrective and preventative actions to the Environmental Incident, thus being able to demonstrate to authorities and auditors the methods of controlling the impact from your environmental aspects.

Mango then automatically pulls reports together and graphs of your performance.

Mango you can:

  • Manage your environmental incidents in real-time

  • Easily maintain an incidents register - and therefore meet your legislative requirements

  • Identify trends and root causes - and therefore drive down future incident rates

  • Monitor the status of investigations, corrective actions and preventive actions

  • Attach photos and supporting files at any time during the investigation

  • Tailor the module to fit your organisation’s system

  • Record any initial remediation that was carried out prior to the investigation being concluded

  • Assign multiple investigators to an incident and automatically notify them via email

  • Utilise a comprehensive report writer that allows reporting on any area of the database

  • Create charts from input data as a visual aid

Don't forget, you can report and investigate environmental incidents directly from the smartphone App, plus undertake verification audits that the mitigation measures and corrective actions are working

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