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Maintaining a comprehensive central database of employee details that links people with their skills, training and positions can be a real headache - especially if there are multiple managers and sites involved.

Paper or spreadsheet-based HR systems are commonly used but these are difficult to administer, become out-dated quickly and are prone to inaccuracy.

Proving Compliance Through Employee Competence and Engagement.








"3 separate offices meant our paper based systems were out of control. Mango ensures nothing gets forgotten about"

P.J McFeeley, Operations Director - Ferrier Pumps Limited


Human Resource Management with Mango

Mango’s Human Resource module controls all your personnel details, induction, training and competency information, by using three key databases: skills, positions and employees. Mango links these databases together, ensuring appropriately trained employees are completing the appropriate tasks.

The Human Resources module also incorporates a reminder function for skills that require training. If a skill, task or qualification has a recurring license or certification, Mango automatically generates an email and an online notification informing you that this requires attention. If you forget, there is a built in escalation to ensure someone else catches the ball if it's dropped!

Mango also provides an employee assessment report that can be used during an employee appraisal, or assessment of any other competence requirement.

With Mango you can:

  • Keep a centralised database of all personnel information

  • Maintain training records and competency ratings

  • Produce training review reports

  • Produce employee assessment review reports

  • Link skills to positions and then to employees

  • Create skill sets quickly and easily

  • Enjoy automatic notification of training requirements

  • Upload skills to multiple employees

  • Utilise a comprehensive report writer that allows reporting on any area of the database

All your Human Resource compliance events and evidence in one place. Not forgetting our new E-learning portal that links directly the employees, giving you the capability to create E-learning content and manage it through a Learning Management Centre portal directly inside Mango.

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