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Not only do most organisations struggle to effectively manage their improvements and non-conformances, they also fail to adequately maintain their systems.

Many organisations complain about using hard copy forms or spreadsheets and often report delays in implementing action or improvements.

External auditors report failures in the corrective action process as being one of the most prevalent areas of non-conformance.

Drive real time business improvements with Mango and monitor progress online.








"The key advantage with using the Mango software system is that nothing is left to chance, the system self manages and once something is in the system, it is safe, measurable and creates accountability"

Mark Ford, Technical Director - International Marine Contractors Association (IMCA)


Human Resource Management with Mango

Mango’s Improvements module controls your organisation’s issues. Easy configuration ensures you can easily report, action, record and control all of your organisation’s complaints, improvements, suggestions and non-conformances, directly online or through the smartphone App.

No hard copies are required as this module allows your employees to report and record issues directly into Mango in a paperless process. The system notifies employees both online and by email when they have an issue to action. Once assigned, the system constantly updates the status through user configurable workflow and status codes. Codes in use include investigation, corrective action, verification, and close off.

With Mango you can:

  • Attach photos and files at any time during reporting and investigating

  • Involve multiple people as required to take action or investigate issues

  • Tailor the module and interface to reflect your organisation’s system

  • Identify trends and root causes

  • Monitor status of investigations and corrective actions

  • Save time and money getting information from other sites

  • All notifications online supported by email also

  • Perform improvements in real time

  • Utilise a comprehensive report writer and graph creator that allows reporting on any area of the database that is relevant to you or your business.

All your improvement actions regardless of the source are presented in one easy to use and report from module. Regardless if those improvement actions come from Incidents, Accidents, Audits, Customer Issues, Hazards or any other means.

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