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Are Take-5's Effective?

In this video blog, we are going to hear from 10 Compliance Professionals from different background and experience their thoughts on Take-5's.

Are take 5's the best way to ensure your staff know of the environment, the hazards, the risks and what they're going to be exposed to?

Watch the video below, and leave your own thoughts on Take-5's.


Themes from the UK:

  1. It's part of your arsenal of how you get information across to people, but only one of MANY tools

  2. It's important that the company knows how to use these tools

  3. Take-5 is simply a form of communication, the important thing is what is actually happening

  4. If it becomes a KPI of "we must do this many take-5's" then it just becomes a numbers game, and is not effective.

Some key themes across the responses:

  1. The concept of people taking 5 moments before they partake in a high-risk activity is a good practice, but it doesn't work having a pre-filled form with irrelevant areas to that worker

  2. A lot of forms start off working well, but degrade over time due to becoming a tick and flick task

  3. Purpose of the forms can transform over time, which is where it can go wrong

  4. It's important to have the input from supervisors

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