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Clause 8.6 Release of Products and Services

Lastly, within the operational side of things is,

· What it is that you do to release your products and services.

It may form part of your contractual obligations, it may form part of a legal requirement, and it could be that the release of those products or services may be associated to a local authority requirement to a third-party certification or weld inspection. Or it could be that your customer comes on to site and inspects them. It could be that you issue so many for a trial run to make sure they operate correctly or function correctly.

Ultimately, it's down to you understanding what those requirements are of your products and services, and they can be different depending upon the product and service you provide, to which customer, which industry.

You have to build to demonstrate the evidence in the planning side of things, of what it is that you've recognized how your products and services are released, and then be able to demonstrate the evidence of how that was done for a particular contract, for a particular product, for a particular batch, etc.

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