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Client Case Study - I would definitely recommend Mango QHSE Software

Servus looks after the facilities management and real estate management for organisation in Trinidad and Tobago.

They are currently certified to ISO 9001 and have a STOW TT certification (Safe to Work in Trinidad and Tobago) for Health and Safety.

Watch the video below to find out why Servus chose Mango QHSE Software to manage their compliance programs.

"In terms of value for money, Mango offers a complete package out of the box"

Kodi McMillan - Quality, Health, Safety and Environmental Manager - Servus

Some of the fantastic quotes in this case study include:

  1. The administrative aspect of our QHSE system was very time consuming and a burden before we had the Mango QHSE Software

  2. Mango QHSE software allows us to create content that is specifically suited to our target audience and have them access that content from where ever they are

  3. Mango QHSE software was especially useful in the last year during the global pandemic, we didn't have access to all site or people as we normally would and Mango allowed us to access information and share information remotely, whereby people could interact with our QHSE system regardless where they were

  4. The support has been excellent and they are always on hand to respond to questions, provide additional templates and advice

  5. I would definitely recommend Mango QHSE Software to others within the QHSE field

  6. For us the training component has been spectacular

  7. I found the software quite brilliant and would definitely recommend Mango QHSE Software

Would you like to see how Mango QHSE Software could help you, request a demo -

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