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What is the Value in getting ISO Certification these days?

Should you get certified? Some people think there is no value in doing this, others think there is an abundance of value. Now is the time to hear what the professionals have to say.

This is the first in a video series hosted by Mango featuring compliance professionals from across the world.

In this first video, we are going to hear the partners thoughts on whether there is any value in getting certified these days.

Watch the video below, and leave your own thoughts on whether you think getting ISO Certification is valuable.


Some key themes across these responses:

  1. The ethics from auditors and certification bodies means the value of ISO Certification is questionable

  2. The customer often does not know what they want from the certificate

  3. There is an importance in educating the customer on how they can make the certificates worth something

  4. The certificate is the by-product of what they are doing, not the focus

  5. Consultants need to acknowledge that people will have requirements but often won't proactively seek compliance.

  6. Some organisations don't initially go for the certification but go through the process of developing a management system that adds value then subsequently get certified

  7. Some clients will choose to work with a certified company over one without the certification

  8. The value is based on what industry you're in and WHY you're going for the certificate

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