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The dashboard is your home inside Mango. It's where you see all events, improvements, accidents & incidents, risks and so much more. Whether you need to have access to your items or ones for your overall company.


The dashboard also has a customisable graph dashboard, allowing you to have graphs on display and updating for exactly what interests you.

No more looking through spreadsheets to identify what needs to be done, or chasing people on email or telephone to find out if they have completed an event, it's all there in front of you on your dashboard.

Saving on administrative time, results in more time for proactive compliance management








"I’m finding the systems simplicity and ability to share QHSE requirements across the business fantastic"

Steve Falconer, QHSE Manager - IQARUS


With Mango you can:

  • The dashboard is simple, making training easy, thereby minimising down time

  • Less hassle - unlike traditional dashboards, users don't have to leave the task they are doing to get information about their assigned tasks or about the system as a whole

  • The information is in real time

  • It instantly provides users with a prioritised to-do list, helping to better organise the working day and week

  • It removes that nagging thought that we often have – when you know you should be doing something, but can't quite remember what it was or when it needed to be done by

  • Users of Mango are less stressed, more in control and more productive

  • Any item (task, improvement, accident, etc.) requiring attention is shown on that user’s dashboard – with any overdue items shown in red

  • With Mango an organisation’s system is transparent​

Mango also provides a holistic overview of the health of your compliance system, as a whole.

For example, you can instantly see a snapshot of how your quality improvement and accident/incident performance is trending.

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