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For many organisations, compliance audits & inspections are perceived as a painful and thankless task.

But given they’re an essential component of all compliance standards, wouldn’t it be better to make the process super-slick and value-add?

With Mango you can:

  • Create your own audit & inspection questions

  • Add auditor 'hints and tips' to each question

  • Create different audit/inspection forms based on a location or activity

  • Add priority weighting to the questions

  • Set up an audit/inspection schedule

  • Record notes for each question

  • Raise an improvement directly from the question as you audit

  • Automatically remind the auditors responsible to conduct the audit

  • Automatically send escalation alerts to the Administrator if events are not completed within the defined timeframe



















Use Mango’s Audit & Inspection module to:

  • Plan auditing and inspection functions

  • Control your non-conformance more effectively

  • Monitor history of audits & inspections to identify recurring issues and drive improvements


For specific ways in which Mango's Audit & Inspections module is used, check out the usage examples below or click here for more information.

Audits and Inspections in Mango

  • Audits

Record all the findings from your audits in one database, ensure that you meet the audit schedule on-time, every time. Is it any wonder external auditors just love this module!


  • Inspections

Never forget to conduct the weekly, monthly or annual inspections that so often get overlooked.


  • Non-conformance

Record non-conformances in the module and it automatically creates an activity in the Improvement module.


  • Events

Signing-off an audit automatically creates the next scheduled audit in the Event module. That's the power of cloud computing!

With Mango many of our clients have identified ways to make life easier, more efficient and more effective ensuring they get a return on their investment in a short period of time. Below are a few examples of how Mango Audit and Inspection module can be used to assist your business.


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