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By Dean Wiseman

In a cost challenged environment is it right to drive everything to the cheapest option?

‘Interim support’ can seem like a very expensive option for organisations with a role to fill.

How expensive is too expensive? Will bargain basement do?

You need new tyres for your family car. The tyres you usually fit are not extremely expensive but they are not cheap either. The salesman offers you a nice little deal on some ‘economy tyres’ with an unknown name and an unproven performance. ‘They will do the job’ he says!

In making your decision you will begin to consider that this is the car that transports your family around. It carries your kids to and from school, to football training, and friends’ houses and on a variety of different road surfaces and weather conditions.

You might then wonder where the cost saving is made in the manufacturing of the tyre?

Is it in the sidewall? You will find out when the car loses it handling. You will find bends and corners that you manoeuvred easily in the past suddenly feel unfamiliar and you start to lose confidence.

Is it the tread? You know how well your usual make of tyre handled puddles on the road. Then you find your car aquaplanes when it really should not and again you lose confidence in the capability of your car.

Is it in the compound? Has the manufacturer added cheaper ingredients to the material the tyre is made from? In an emergency stop the compound of the tyre suddenly becomes very important. This is not the time you find out that the car will skid rather than stop!

So you face the decision –Get the cheap tyres and save a bit of cash, or pay a bit more for the reassurance that your loved ones are as safe as they can be during car journeys – one of the most dangerous activities we all undertake?

There are savings to be made but when the consequences are so high then perhaps these are not the areas to make them.

When considering interim QHSE support you should consider the pedigree and performance of the service provider. If they label themselves as experts or specialists, do they have 15-20 years hands on experience or is it just a title?

When you choose FQM interim support for your QHSE needs, the job is undertaken by someone with the right expertise and everything is managed by an account manager, who oversees the process to see everything runs smoothly. We call this ‘silent running’.

You should not have to worry about the capability of your QHSE System. It should handle and perform as expected and keep your staff, clients and everyone else involved safe.

When you use FQM Interim QHSE support, we ensure the task is done right, on time and on budget, with minimal input from you.

We now have many clients who use our Interim QHSE support onshore, offshore, all over the UK. So whether it’s a critical project which calls for access a specialist skills with over 30 years’ experience in their field, or a temporary QHSE coordinator to assist in getting your organization better prepared for ISO certification, you can be sure that with FQM Interim QHSE support is the right choice.

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