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Considering Sustainability then Switch

Anyone who follows me on LinkedIn or is aware of our business, will know only too well that I am a huge advocate of getting the most out of your Business Management Systems and it should not just be about getting that external certificate or recognition (although I do know that this is often important but shouldn’t be the key ticket item). Well today I would like to drill down a little in relation to a subject I have discussed and trained on for many years, your business Environmental Management System, but in this case specifically relating to Sustainability.

Yes I know it may be one of those buzz words over the last year or so and every large organisation that you tender/contract to work for is asking you to demonstrate how you drive to deliver sustainability in your work place. So you start by getting a thinking group together (maybe), do some brain storming (maybe) and finally you have a Sustainability Policy - what next? Well why not consider having a champion in your work place to drive communication on the subject and importantly, consider not just sustainability within your business, but in your supply chain and in the personal lives of those working in your business.

This is why I’d like to give a shout out to one young professional women who is doing just that. Heather is taking her thoughts on sustainability and trying to spread them far and wide, well at least starting here in her home country of Scotland. I’d like to ask all my followers to take a moment and click through to Heather Beattie's personal website ( and don’t forget to follow her on Facebook (@sustainabilityswitch), Instagram ( and LinkedIn

We shall be guest blogging some of Heathers great work and would love you to share it far and wide, give feedback on your suggestions of sustainability - little by little, a little becomes a lot (great Tanzanian Proverb that lends itself well to Sustainability)

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