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CDM 2015 Awareness Training

This is an awareness session, discussing Construction Design Management (CDM) Regulations 2015. CDM is designed to inform duty holders of their duties and responsibilities under CDM 2015 Regulations.

This video is not suitable for a full training of CDM, it is just to be used as an awareness resource. For full training of this topic, you can partake in a training course.

Key Points in the video include:

  1. Main requirements of duty holders

  2. Background and changes to regulations

  3. European and UK Legislation

  4. Recent HSE Statistics

  5. Enforcement Notices

  6. Sentencing Guidelines

  7. Structure and Applications

  8. Important Definitions of CDM

  9. Designer Duties

  10. Principal Contractors and Contractor Duties

  11. Workers

  12. Securing Health and Safety

  13. Notification Requirements

  14. Main Documentation - CDM 2015

  15. Other Regulations with CDM 2015

  16. Regulations Outwith CDM 2015

  17. Recent Prosecutions of CDM 2015

  18. Duty Holder Interactions

  19. Information Flow in Practice

  20. Information Flow Summary

  21. Working with Domestic Clients

  22. Working with International Clients

  23. Objectives

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