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Clause 8.7 Control of non conforming products

Hi, I'm Chris from FQM. Thanks for taking the time to watch this short video on clause 8.7 Control of Non-conforming Outputs.

Remember within your operational or service provisions, when something goes wrong, you have to be able to demonstrate that you have control over that situation, it's important to recognize we are possible that you follow a set sequence of events. And those set sequence of events often begin with, can we just simply corrected, hidden No, at the same on the production line, whatever that may be, so that we ensure that what is delivered to the end client ultimately meets their requirements. So that's a form of connecting something taking action to collect it, that would be something you would learn from because that connection required additional time and resource and effort source cost the company to do it. So what can you do to improve that So that it doesn't happen in the future. So it's important when companies take this correction that they recognize that effort has had an impact fairly significantly on the business, the document, and they show evidence of how they're going to put improvement in place. Remember this plan, do check act. It's that act part when you've checked it, what it is you're going to do, moving on beyond that, if you cannot connect it is about segregation and containment. So how can you separate this batch of items which have a problem, or this area that has had an issue poking you segregate that and contain it so that it's not going to impact your customer. It could be that your customer has an origin and you have to stop production and investigate it and maybe contain batches that you've already produced in a certain location. You may have to go then through an inspection process to identify them and parallel any ones which are failures etc. So what you got to think about here is, again, there's been an investment of time or effort to manage that and handle that. So as an error within your business, and how you're going to handle that and improve upon it is good practice. We think about to protect a system that's implemented well and feel immature, is to think about the cost of poor quality, where you can actually put a financial figure against these connections you have to make against these containment actions or corrective actions that you take. It's also important to remember that you may have to inform your customer, your customer may be expecting something within a set time. Or it could be that your customer

is expecting a certain standard of product. So you have to make them aware of in situations like that. It may be that you might be able to put a concession in place So ultimately what that means is the customer will accept it as is. And if the customer accepts that izes it's possible that there may be trading associated to it. Maybe you have to give them something in return. Throw the control of non conforming areas. It's important that this is documented as a question significant area and document control.

Thanks for watching this video on clause 8.7. You may wish to look at the next video, which is clause nine performance evaluation

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