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Client Case Study - Mango has made it easier for us to manage our ISO Certification requirements

RigNet delivers an Integrated Technology Service to customers seeking a competitive advantage through digital transformation, through secure managed communication services.

They are currently certified to ISO 9001 (Quality), ISO 14001 (Environmental) and ISO 45001 (Health and Safety).

Watch the video below to find out why RigNet chose Mango QHSE Software to manage their compliance programs.

"Mango has revolutionised the way we manage QHSE, it's effective, efficient and a one stop shop"

James Houston-McMillan BSc (Hons) Global QHSE Manager from RigNet

Some of the fantastic quotes in this case study include:

  • The old system we had was cumbersome and manually intensive, it didn't allow for ease of sharing information

  • It was difficult to manage our systems at a global level

  • Mango has helped us automate, consolidate and manage our QHSE systems at a global level

  • The software's ease of use and fast implementation has made it a pleasure to integrate in to our business solutions

  • Mango has made it easier for us to manage our ISO systems and certification

  • Ease of running events for calibrations, Internal Audits and making it easier to manage our operational risk management

"Mango is one of the most effective and efficient QHSE management tools I have ever used"

  • Before Mango our systems were basically inefficient and disjointed. Predominately paper based and spreadsheets.

  • The support we receive from the FQM and Mango team is fantastic, from the very beginning through to ongoing support, whenever there was a teething issue the team were on hand to hold our hand through the process

  • Hands down if you are looking for a effective QHSE Management Tool have a look at Mango you won't be disappointed.

  • I would certainly recommend. definitely recommend Mango QHSE Software

Would you like to see how Mango QHSE Software could help you, request a demo -

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