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Do Your Employees know the Purpose of a Compliance System?

Employees and Compliance - Is there a knowledge gap?

In this video, Peter from Mango Global is discussing whether employees know the purpose of compliance systems with the Compliance Professionals from around the world. In particular, we asked them to explain how they would know if the compliance knowledge has been passed over to the employees.

We write and document these systems, but does the employee actually understand how they fit into the system, and what their responsibilities are?

Everyone on this blog have different experiences, but were happy to share some tips on how you can get the employees to understand compliance.


Key themes across the responses:

  1. Views from top management will filter down to that employee level, so the top has control on whether the overall employees understand the purpose of compliance.

  2. If the employees are genuinely involved and participating in the compliance system, then the knowledge will progressively come.

  3. It comes down to the values of the business (in particular the value of human life), which is represented by how top management treats workers.

  4. Take a step back and ask "what is compliance" - if you expect your workers to understand the importance of compliance, it is first important they understand the definition of it.

  5. Deliver awareness training so that people understand what's in it for them.

  6. Be completely honest and open about the reasons why you are doing things, such as following an ISO route.

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