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If you are familiar with ISO 27001 then you will know that this standard has a lot of very important requirements to control data within your business. One of the important basic principles within this international standard is Enhancing Societal Values. While this might not be something that you think about regularly, it can really benefit the implementation of your Information Security Management System (ISMS) if it is considered at the right time. 

Here, we are going to look at some of the values that fall into this category. Find out more below. 

Why Follow This Principle? 

Before we look a little more in-depth at the societal values that fall under this principle, we thought we’d look at why this is actually important. In any organisation, following basic principles allows your business to align with basic requirements and expectations. Some of these basic principles may include:

  • Honesty – being genuine and ethical

  • Fairness – being equitable and just

  • Respect – treat people with dignity

  • Trust – keep your promises

  • Caring – listen and show kindness

  • Courage – take responsibility for tasks

Yes, it is true, many of these principles mentioned above are not directly related to an ISMS or even the ISO 27001 standard, however if applied effectively they will allow you to consider how the data you handle fits in with these principles and ensures that you always be considering and valuing within your organisation. This principle will help you to successfully implement and maintain this system and so it is one to take note of. 

What Are The Values?

There are many different values that can fall into this category with some being more important for some organisations than others. One of the most important values that you should enhance is the honesty value. This will show that you are a genuine company that is ethical and trusting, especially if you handle data of high importance to people. This is extremely important in 2019 as more of your customers are likely to care about how you handle their data and how trusting you can be with it, especially as time goes by we entrust systems to protect. 

It is also important that you enhance the respect value within your organisation. This will show that you treat others with the dignity that they deserve. This is similar to the trust value which is important for showing that you keep your promises to your clients and to your staff.

Some of the other important values that you might want to enhance within your business are the caring value and the fairness value. It is also important that you offer courage by taking responsibility for any tasks that come your way. 

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