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Any QHSE professional should be aware of the importance of ergonomics and how they can impact how an individual works – but how does this affect the organisation? Many people argue that the simple matter of health and safety being adhered is the main consideration here but there is much more to improving the ergonomics in your workplace. Workplace ergonomics and best practices can positively impact your organisation and improve the way that your employees work. 

Here, we are going to look at workplace ergonomics and how they can improve your organisation. Keep reading to find out more. 

What Is Workplace Ergonomics?

Workplace ergonomics are just one of the health and safety guidelines that set out to help reduce the risk of injury when an employee is at work. This can include simple things such as the way that they are sitting, the equipment they use at their desk, or even the height of their desk. But in certain workspaces it goes much further than this and can be the difference between persons undertaking productive efficient activities and suffering long term pain and discomfort, or even worse.

There are many guides online about the best practices in ergonomics and it is very important that any issues are resolved as soon as possible. While workplace ergonomics might not be your top priority, you must make sure that you are adhering to this in order to maintain health and safety standards in your organisation and providing a positive environment for your workforce to strive.

Improving Productivity

One of the great improvements that workplace ergonomics can have on your organisation is improved productivity. When employees are comfortable at their desk or workstation, they are less likely to feel strain or experience fatigue. This then aids productivity as they can work more effectively and efficiently. This also includes the placement of tools, equipment and items within factories, workshops and general manufacturing environments. Consider the amount of walking, bending, twisting and movement that your workforce need to undertake to complete their daily tasks and ask yourself, could this be done more effectively with less effort and strain.

A Better Safety Culture

As QHSE professionals, we must ensure that we are promoting a good culture for health and safety in our organisations. By implementing workplace ergonomics practices with the workforce, we can show that we are committed to health and safety. Our employees will then value the effort that we have put in to achieve this.

Improve Engagement

Another way that workplace ergonomics can improve your organisation is through employee engagement. With a reduced risk of fatigue and discomfort, employees are more likely to stick around and become engaged in the work. This can also have a positive impact on absenteeism and turnover. 

Reduction In Costs

While you might need to spend a little more of your budget to pay for new chairs or desks following the ergonomic assessment, you will find that this can save you money in the long run. Not only are you helping prevent the risk of workplace-caused injuries, but you are making your team more efficient which can reduce operating costs in the long run. 

Improvement in Quality

Finally, you will find that workplace ergonomics can help to improve quality in your organisation. A lack of ergonomics can cause frustration and fatigue which can have a negative effect on the quality of work that is being completed. While the work may be done on time, it might not reach your high standards. With workplace ergonomics, you can avoid this and benefit from improved quality.

Key Takeaways

Workplace ergonomics can have many positive effects on your organisation. A simple ergonomics assessment can help you to identify any issues and solve them as soon as possible.  This is just one of the many important aspects of workplace health and safety and you need to be doing all that you can to make sure that you are meeting the requirements.

If you have any questions and health and safety or ergonomics, then make sure to get in touch with FQM Ltd. We offer training in many QHSE issues and we can help you to improve your business as a whole.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch because we will always be happy to help. 

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