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By Bethany Gordon

Executive Summary

Amos Beech, commercial interiors firm based in Falkirk, Scotland was expanding rapidly and needed their systems to reflect this expansion. FQM was tasked with the challenge of building a new Integrated Management System (IMS), recommending the company opt to build the system on Mango QHSE Compliance Software. The changes were implemented seamlessly, resulting in a system which will grow and evolve in parallel with the company. See some of the notes from our initial meeting with Amos Beech, below.


As Amos Beech had grown in size, they had outgrown their IMS, developing a need for a new, fit-for-purpose system to meet the requirements of ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001. When asked for advice, FQM suggested building the system within Mango QHSE Compliance Software in order to create visibility, better staff involvement with the system and thus, better efficiency across the board. After undertaking a demonstration of the software, it was clear the team at Amos Beech agreed. In order to build an IMS that adds value, you need to capture how a company functions which demands access to the whole team. By having Projects Director Roy James on board to manage the project and act as ‘change agent’, gaining access to the whole team was not an issue. This has the dual benefit of driving buy-in to the system, making it work more effectively in the long run.

How Mango Helped

Mango is a cloud-based software system that can be used on any device, so the whole team has access from wherever they are, using whatever device they have to hand. This is attractive to a company with staff in different locations, as the system is always accessible, keeping QHSE compliance at the forefront of work undertaken. This visibility gets everyone in the team involved, encouraging communication to ‘keep the ball rolling’.


Six months after the initial conversation, the project was completed, resulting in a fully redesigned and implemented IMS for Amos Beech.

Not only was it achieved on time and on budget, but it was undertaken while the company was simultaneously delivering one of their biggest projects to date with a corporate client. As a result of the new system and the team effort, Amos Beech achieved full UKAS Accredited Certification to ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015 and OHSAS 18001:2007. A Service Level Agreement has since been established between Amos Beech and FQM, which will enable Amos Beech to seek out FQM support when they require QHSE advice or guidance. We look forward to completing internal audits for the company in future and helping drive forward their continual improvement.

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