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Fire Safety Awareness Training

In this video, Chris gives an overview of fire safety in the workplace and explains how you can be more aware of your responsibility around this.

At the end of this video you will be able to:

  1. Describe the principles of fire initiation; classifications and spread

  2. Outline the principles of fire safety risk assessment

  3. Describe the basic principles of fire prevention of fire in buildings

  4. Identify appropriate fire alarm systems and fire fighting equipment in a simple building

  5. Outline the factors to be considered when carrying out a successful evacuation of a building

  6. Understand the basic legal requirements of fire prevention

Discussion Points in the video:

1. Fire Statistics Overview

2. Fire Legislation in the Workplace

3. Employers duties around fire safety

4. Basic Principles of Fire (The Fire Triangle)

5. Sources of ignition

6. Effects of Oxygen

7. Classifications of fires (Class A - Class F)

8. Heat Transmission / Fire Spread

9. Causes of Fires in the Workplace

10. Consequences of Fires in the Workplace

11. Fire Risk Assessment

12. Fire Prevention

13. Fire Detection and Alarms

14. Fire Extinguishing Systems

15. Inspection, Maintenance and Testing of Fire Equipment

16. Evacuation and Means of Escape

17. Evacuation Procedures / Emergency Plans

18. Fire Wardens: Day to Day Duties

Feel free to use this video as a training resource with your team, and check out our other training webinars and QHSE Videos via our YouTube Channel.

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