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HACCP Awareness Training (Webinar Recording)

In this video, I have provided some basics around HACCP Awareness Training, which is related to Food Safety Management.

In the video, I will talk about the following topics:

  1. Why is HACCP important?

  2. What is a biological hazard?

  3. What is a chemical hazard?

  4. What is a physical hazard?

  5. Why use HACCP?

  6. Examples of major food incidents

  7. Legislative requirements

  8. What is the risk of the hazard?

  9. Definition of a control meausre

  10. The HACCP Team

  11. Prerequisite Programmes

  12. How to do a HACCP Study?

  13. Putting the plan into practice

  14. Maintaining the HACCP System

Feel free to use or share this video for training purposes.

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