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We are thrilled to introduce the FQM blog, which is intended to bring some interesting and thought provoking comments and views on various QHSE themes and other topics.

The world of QHSE is one that is changing constantly. All business, regardless of size or sector need to pay close attention.

Why?…because a well-managed QHSE function will keep your people safe and may win your organisation business. A poorly managed QHSE function will put employees and the public at risk, harm your reputation, attract scrutiny from industry moderators and lose you business.

So, what we’re saying is – it pays to stay informed and get your QHSE right.

And we are here to help!

Blog posts will come from various members of our highly experienced team, including FQM Directors, Chris Docherty and Dean Wiseman, who have 60 years combined experience working in QHSE across a range of industries.

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