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Since joining FQM back in March I have learned a great deal about QHSE in a short time and what it means to work as a professional in this industry. Having studied chemical engineering, I was familiar with some concepts of the role; and my interests in Kendo, writing and reading line up nicely with Risk Analysis and ISO Standards research (my favourite part of the job). But I realise I still have a lot to learn and that this is only the beginning!

Looking back, I would say that my journey into QHSE began in second year of University. Undertaking modules in Safety Management Practices led by an experienced industry professional, we looked into different incidents that have since left a black mark upon industry: Piper Alpha, PEMEX near Mexico City and the Space Shuttle Columbia disaster. Tasked with determining the root cause of each, reviewing the evidence and then the effects; I felt compelled by the cost they imparted onto those involved – the human cost – and I knew then that I wanted to delve deeper into the field.

Each incident had one common feature, “an awful sameness”: the management did not have a pro-active, positive view towards QHSE. And whilst we have come a long way since Piper Alpha, this attitude is still prevalent across many in industry today and is what I believe to be the biggest challenge we face as consulting professionals. Changing the culture around these issues and highlighting the benefits of implementing a working, forward-thinking QHSE System is why I decided to pursue this career path.

I hope that by continuing to learn with the people here at FQM, and through working with our clients, I’ll be able to reach my full potential and start into a long challenging career.

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