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WEBINAR: How to Write an Effective Business Continuity Plan

In this 20 minute video, Chris discusses what you need to know about business continuity. He uses examples from the free resources page of the FQM website; referring to the business risk register, a business continuity process and a business continuity plan.

Why is Business Continuity Important?

The purpose of business continuity is to protect your employees, suppliers, and customers from potential business interruptions. It is essential that every organisation has a business continuity plan (BCP) in place to avoid these interruptions.

Points discussed in the video:

  1. What is business continuity

  2. What are the benefits of business continuity

  3. What method do you use for business continuity

  4. How to formulate a process

  5. Planning and Testing business continuity

To download the resources mentioned in the video, head to the Free Resources section of our website:

  • Generic Business Continuity Plan Form

  • Business Risk Management Excel Spreadsheet

If you have any other questions regarding business continuity or other QHSE topics, then feel free to get in contact.

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