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Why You Need a Quality Management System (QMS)

Welcome to this short video about the benefits of a quality management system.

I'm Chris Docherty from FQM, and personally I have 30 years’ experience working in quality and risk management.

If you find this video useful, you may also be interested in checking out our full ISO9001:2015 Training, which you can do so here. Feel free to use this as a training resource with staff and colleagues.

Here at FQM, we believe that a quality management system provides benefits to improve the performance of your business.

What is the purpose of a Quality Management System?

Well, the quality management system many people see as a route to certification, independent assessment that will help them win more business. Absolutely, this is correct, it should be able to provide you with that.

But there are much more benefits there available to you:

  • Allow you to capture organisational rules and responsibilities,

  • Organisational knowledge about how you operate,

  • Taking information from individuals that have that information that is critical to your business and their brain and

  • Documenting it appropriately.

Do remember that the certification process does give an independent assessment, and it is good for winning work, but there are huge additional benefits around:

  • Driving improvements,

  • Identifying the true costs of error within your systems,

  • Bringing attention across your whole organisation by communicating and making more people aware of the things that can drive improvement,

  • The things that they can do that can have a negative effect on your operations

You should see financial gains with a good quality management system. It is important that it's not seen as just something you do to get a certificate on the wall.

Make sure you take a structured approach to how you develop your management system.

Make sure that you capture and learn from errors regardless of where those errors come from.

It is important that you drive improvement through your organisation, the fundamental area of an effective quality management system is driving improvement through your business.


Once again, for a more detailed explanation of ISO9001 and QMS, watch our full ISO9001:2015 Training, which you can do so here. Feel free to use this as a training resource with colleagues.

We've created lots of videos about quality management and the benefits, the hidden costs, and also some more detailed training exercises you can do associated to what a quality management system looks like and how it should be developed.

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